"Whoa! Wh-wh-whoa...!"

"Are... Are you OK?!"


"No! Don't let go!"

"Just a little longer ... Come on! Hang on!"


'N-n-no! I can't ...hold on...!"

Clash! Clash!


"Uggh. ... Where am I? ... I can't... Drifting off..."

"Hello? Hello? Are you O.K?" You open your eyes. There is a pokemon in front of you. "Thank goodness. You were unconscious." The pokemon sighs in relief. "WHAT???? You're a pokemon and you're talking!" You say. "Well, you're a pokemon too and you can talk." You look over into a pool of water. "Ahhh!" You scream. "I've turned into a into a into a POKEMON!!"

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